‘O’Hara’ suggests the Premier postpone the match before the World Cup

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Jamie O’Hara has suggested the Premier League postpone the games before the World Cup. Because the players were injured by many players from the field.

The England national team has a lot of pain problems to worry about as well. On Wednesday night, Ben Chilwell suffered another injury as he came on to help Chelsea win over Dinamo Zagreb. Which is thought to have been a torn hamstring. the UFABET report

Former players such as Kyle Walker, Reece James and Calvin Phillips have been hampered by injuries, forcing Gareth Southgate to think twice about his selection. Before the World Cup starts in less than 3 weeks

France have also been hit with injury problems as N’Golo Kante and Paul Pogba are set to miss out on the World Cup, while Son Heung-min could miss out on the South Korean national team due to injury. mid week game

O’Hara therefore wants the Premier League to postpone the game next weekend. This will be the last match before the league breaks for the players to travel to the World Cup in Qatar.

“For England this is a big problem. The players are hurting,” O’Hara said

. There are important games as well.”

“Usually there is a Carabao game. The cup intervenes and the players get some rest. But these games, the Champions League, these games originally played in December, they played all

the kicks!” Let’s postpone the last game of the Premier League (before the World Cup) to give them a breather. The Premier League should be postponed and if it doesn’t, the FA will be involved.”

After the weekend’s games, there will be a third round of the Carabao Cup in the middle of next week. Then it will be the last game of the Premier League on November 12-13 and gradually make way for the World Cup.