Mourinho predicts the champion. CL/PL-very painful

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Jose Mourinho predicts the team that will win the Champions League and Premier League this season. Ready to reveal his feelings about being fired from his position as coach by AS Roma, The

Special One gave an interview to Rio Ferdinand on the YouTube channel FIVE of the former “Red Devils” defender, starting with the team that There is a chance to win a big European championship this season.

“Champions League, I would probably say City or Real Madrid,” Uncle Mou stated.

“If any team other than these two teams wins the championship, For me it would be a big surprise. “

I want Real Madrid to win the championship again for the club and Carlo. [Ancelotti] I don’t know at Bayern. Munich or Paris Saint-Germain Will we be able to do it?”

“If we look at the potential, I think City or Liverpool will win the Premier League. The league is either City or Real.”

In addition, Mourinho also admitted that having to part ways with The “red-yellow wolf” was what hurt him the most. สมัคร ufabet

“I gave everything , I put all my heart into it. And I gave up some choices.

“I’ve turned down a lot of great career opportunities . The first task is that it is very difficult to say no. Because it’s the Portuguese national team. Which is probably the best Portuguese set. And it was three years before the World Cup. “

Then I received a big offer from Saudi Arabia. And at that time I didn’t hide it. Because the money is really big.”

“That’s how I do it. I’m usually a realistic person about my decisions. I am very professional in my choices. And I tried to control my emotions. You probably noticed when I left other clubs after winning titles. “

In this case I wasn’t realistic in my choices. My emotions were wavering and I gave it my all. So the last episode I had to come out. I feel pain I have a wonderful feeling from giving happiness to the fans of the club. “

Making the European Cup final two years in a row doesn’t happen often, especially for a club like Roma. which doesn’t have a great history of success in European football. “

Then when I walked down the street People say ‘Take us to Dublin. Take us there. [Europa League final]’ It’s exactly what I had in mind. Entering the European Cup finals 3 years in a row.”

“But you have to respect it. The owner is the owner It’s not the first time I’ve parted ways with a club. But it’s probably the first time I’ve felt in a different way.”

“You have to move on. You must try to learn from experience. and make it better for the next job.”