Dias doesn’t care about the weather, stays in Manchester

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Manchester City defender Ruben Dias has revealed he is not concerned about the weather in England. and trade with “Manchester City” to hunt for trophies

Center back of the Portuguese national team Moved to play football in the Etihad area. Stadium since 2020 and has become the mainstay of the club. In the meantime, famous players such as Riyad Mahrez, Ilkay Gundogan and Aymeric Laporte have left the team.

Man City defender Dias: I don’t need nice weather – I’m here to win. Manchester City defender Ruben Dias has enjoyed his time at the club and wants to stay for the long-term. The center half has been an integral part of the team that has won every available trophy at least once over the past few years.

“You may be in the most beautiful place on earth. But if you go to work and you’re not happy Then you probably won’t be happy.” โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“Imagine what you see: the sea, the sun, the snow, whatever.” “

We’re in Manchester. It has its ups and downs like any other place, but for the most part we are happy working. And although we have already won many championships We know we can do it again.”

“You’re asking me where I want to be, right? A place where I can have what I like in terms of living with the outside world. Or in a place that will allow me to keep winning championships, I would probably choose the latter.”